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The expert trainers at Vector are certified to present a long list of training classes. Custom courses are also available.                     

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Apples and Oranges 

The Art of War

Balancing The Four Business Outcomes

Commitment and Persistence

Customer Active Design

Decision Making

Deploying a Balanced Scorecard

Do Right!

Front of the Class

The Goal

Goal Setting / Commitment

Gung Ho!

The Knowing – Doing Gap

Learning in Action


Models in Management



The Paradigm Shift

Performance Management

Principle Centered Leadership


Recruiting and Retention

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

Simulation for Business

Situational Leadership 

Systems Thinking

Tactical Planning / Coordination

Time Management


Who Moved My Cheese?

The Will to Lead

The 80/20 Principle



Teams and Teamwork

The Block Game

Group Development Stage Assessment

Group Idea Generation

Group Problem Solving

Igniting Group Creativity


The Platinum Rule

Roles and Goals

ROPES Learning Experience

Team Accountability

Team Communication

Teamwork Principles



Operations Management

Design of Experiments (DOE)

Process Mapping

Statistical Process Control and a 6 Sigma Primer

JIT – Just In Time Inventory


Instructional Design

Skill Mastery

Needs Analysis

Curriculum Building & Progress Tracking

Writing Learning Objectives


Understanding By Design

Impact and Influence

Accelerated Learning

Evaluation Methods

Computer Aided Instruction




 Download the full PDF catalog  Click Here