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The Talent Pipeline

Employee Selection and Development

Our Competency-based approach to hiring, training, mentoring, and succession


Legend has it that Tom Watson, founder of IBM, once had a
senior manager who made a mistake that cost the company $10 million.
Summoned to Watson’s office, the manager fully expected to be fired.
But instead, Watson launched into an explanation of the new division he
wanted the manager to head up. “What?” the manager asked, stunned.
“You’re not going to fire me?” Watson replied,


     Fire you? I just spent $10 Million training you!

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 Whether you recognize it or not, your organization is a pipeline
of talent development. You put new hires in one end, you care for them
and show them how to do new things, and they come out the other
end better than they went in.


If you’re doing a good job retaining your workers, you get to
capitalize on that development. If not, someone else gets the benefit
of it. And you have to hire a replacement that has come out of someone
else’s pipeline. 


                            Center of Effort


Selecting the right employees to enter the pipeline requires
extreme care and diligence. Vector’s research-based, scientifically-proven,
legally-defensible selection process goes far beyond standard interviewing.
According to a report from Hay/McBer, the nation's leading Human Resources consulting
firm, typical American hiring practices are dismally haphazard. More than 40%
of all new hires quit, get fired, or require reassignment within one year
of hiring. In stark contrast, the methodology employed by Vector boasts
an extraordinary success rate of nearly 90%.


·         Considering that even entry level employees typically cost
$20,000 to acquire and hire, maximizing your hiring success
is vital to your bottom line.


·         Considering that a court awarded a $175 million judgment
in a 2010 discrimination lawsuit, ensuring that your hiring
process is unquestionably fair and objective may be vital to
your very survival.


 The hiring methodology employed in the comprehensive Talent
Pipeline™ system is built on a foundation of sound scientific research
that has proven itself in the conference room and in the courtroom.
It allows companies to make performance-based hiring decisions using
fully defensible criteria while dramatically improving hiring accuracy. 


                            Center of Effort


Deliberately developing your employees once they enter
the pipeline can ensure that every promotion opportunity in your
organization attracts a stack of resumes from a diverse field of fully-
prepared internal candidates. Our Strength-based developmental model
optimizes individual and team performance while cultivating the future
leaders that your organization is going to need.


Workers who get the opportunity to do what they do best
every day are the most likely to be highly productive. This begs the
question of every employee, “What is it that you do best?” The Talent
Pipeline™ can accurately determine a profile of an individual's Strengths
and then establishes a thorough plan for deliberately developing and
complementing an organization’s collective Strength Inventory. The end
result is a high performance team that is deeply engaged in its purpose
and productivity. 


                            Center of Effort


Moreover, The Talent Pipeline™ can be deliberately tuned
as an active Diversity measure. If, like many companies, you have spent
significant effort and resources trying to increase your workforce diversity, 
but the needle on that gauge doesn’t seem to budge, allow us to
suggest that awareness and sensitivity initiatives will only change attitudes.
Actual improvement in your diversity numbers will require eloquent action.
The Talent Pipeline™ is extremely effective at achieving measureable
diversity results by selecting and developing strengths across every
demographic dimension.





The Talent Pipeline™