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Culture Shaping

Custom-built workshops and exercises to develop a high-performance

environment  –  from Diversity to Ethics, Customer-focus to Teamwork 



Look at the wall of your office. Imagine that those frames
around your diplomas or artwork are not frames at all, but windows
in a façade built in front of your wall. Behind the 
façade is a wonderful
tapestry of images, but you can only see the ones that your frames
– your windows – leave visible to you.


However, if I am standing in a different place in the room, if
I have a different perspective, I will see a different part of the tapestry
through the very same frame/window.


     This idea of perspective is absolutely vital to 

         understanding individual differences in
                     standards of what is true and correct.



                         Center of Effort


If a senior member of an organization makes a very public
ethical blunder, it can profoundly shake the entire organization. The
Frameworks™ construct of windows and perspectives can help people
throughout the organization make sense of how someone they held
in such esteem could make a such an obvious mistake -- one that even
the most junior member of the organization knows is inherently wrong.


Our Frameworks™ program explains perspectives in a
wonderfully resounding way. Through meaningful conversation, it
guides groups to arrive at mutual understanding and trust. It gives a
structure for organizations to examine such slippery topics as how
Spirit leads to Identity, which inspires Action – sometimes virtuous
action, sometimes not.


Frameworks™ is an excellent tool for expanding the topic of
Ethics to a discussion of Core Values. It allows a group to establish a set
of value norms for itself and explore the differences between its
espoused values and its enacted or currently demonstrated values.


It is also a tremendously effective lens for examing the Diversity
landscape of an organization. It illustrates the "Differences That Make A
Difference" concept that is the basis for Vector's workplace diversity


It is equally useful for making numerous other cultural adjustments: 
moving a culture toward more customer focus, greater service velocity,
enhanced teamwork, etc.



                          Center of Effort



All of these concepts are part of the Physical Environment factor
from our Fundamental Principle of Human Performance™ model. We can
show you how Culture, Ethics, Values, and Diversity directly contribute
to a person’s performance – how they can hinder that performance or
unleash it.



Instead of pointing down, the Center of Effort points in the direction the boat is going. It originates at an imaginary point on the sail where all the forces moving the boat forward seem to congregate. It’s as if a string were attached to one point on the sail, and if you pulled on that string, the boat would move in the direction that it is moving.


Some strategic planning experts will tell you that their method is like a rudder you