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Continuous Process Improvement

Lean and Six Sigma

"All work is process"

Make your processes Better, Faster, Cheaper, Safer, AND more Enjoyable to perform. Guaranteed improvement.

(Satisfies requirements in DoDD 5010.42)

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Center of Effort™

Strategic Planning and Execution

"Action is eloquence"

Beyond missions statements and big ideas, a great strategic plan spurs bold action and increased performance.

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The Fundamental Principle of Human Performance™

Is everyone in your organization performing as well as you'd like them to?

When there is a difference between the performance you want and the performance you are getting, Vector can help you close that gap.


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alaska pipeline

The Talent Pipleline™

Employee Selection and Development

Vector's innovative Strength and Competency method will improve your success rate when hiring new talent and cultivating your existing workforce.

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Culture Shaping and Enviroscaping

One of the most significant factors in performance is the environment that a person works in. Beyond the brightness of the lighting and the muted colors of the surroundings, Environment includes the culture, diversity, ethics, and self-concept of your organization.

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