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Performance Coaching

Is everyone in your organization performing

                        at the level you'd like them to?


          Performance is on every manager’s short list of important-to-me topics. If your human resources are performing well, the world is a wonderful place: You’re a hero to your boss, your peers, and your subordinates. If the people who work with you aren’t performing well, you get to spend an incredible amount of your time trying to explain why – and trying even harder to find ways to make them more productive.


          Vector Associates has the key to this, the most pressing issue to any organization. It’s called the Fundamental Principle of Human Performance. It explains why people perform at the level they do.


                    If you have a person who can’t quite reach your required minimum level of productivity…  If you

                    have a star that you’d like everyone in the department to match...  If you have someone who

                    just needs a new challenge or wants to reach that “next level”…


                    If you have anyone who isn’t performing at the level you’d like them to, The Fundamental Principle

                    of Human Performance can explain why they’re stuck at their current level of performance, and

                    prescribe the actions that will boost their productivity to the level where you want it.


          Do you have a performance issue that has defied explanation and all your best attempts to improve it? The Fundamental Principle describes the 11 factors that determine human performance. And it points the way to the unique, sometimes counterintuitive input for each factor that has the power to unleash performance potential. 


          This scientifically-based methodology has been proven with clients large and small across the country and around the globe, from service to manufacturing to government, from Veritas Software to Goldman Sachs to Boeing to The American Red Cross.


          Performance is important to every organization. Let Vector show you how to improve yours.






Executive Performance

Individual Leadership Coaching

You need your senior managers to deliver organizational performance. If you have an exec striving for more (and what executive isn't?), Vector's tools can pinpoint the achievement-limiting factors that are holding back superstar performance. Vector's propreitary solutions will then unlock dramatically improved results. 


Sales Performance

Coaching to maximize the Sales Professional

Training in sales techniques and product knowledge will only take a sales professional so far. Sales performance springs from a complex recipe of drive and ability. Vector can show you the adjustments that will make sales soar.



Process Performance

Even the best worker can't perform well in a broken process

Perhaps your processes are holding back your workers' best performance. Vector has the experts and the latest techniques for fine tuning the way you do things. A quantum leap past streamlining, our methods will make your organization a truly high-performance operation.



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