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Vector Associates is a consulting firm dedicated to improving the performance of our clients. We provide training and consultation to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of individuals, teams, and the processes they work in.




Pole Vaulter

The Fundamental Principle of Human Performance™ 

The Centerpiece of our Work

"Human performance in any endeavor is determined by a person's Means, Motive, and Opportunity 

to perform a given task."

Is everyone in your organization performing as well as you'd like them to?

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Value Stream Map

Continuous Process Improvement

Lean and Six Sigma

"All work is process"

Make your processes Better, Faster, Cheaper, Safer AND More Enjoyable to perform.

Guaranteed improvement.

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Center of Effort™ 

Strategic Planning and Execution

"Action is eloquence"

Beyond missions statements and big ideas, a great strategic plan spurs bold action and increased performance.

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                                   /vék´ tə/


                                   noun  1. a quantity in mathematics, such as velocity or gravity, specified by

                                               an origin, a trajectory, and a magnitude.

                                            2. a force or an influence.

                                   verb   to guide, such as a pilot or airplane